I'm Unable To Take A Quiz

If you're receiving an error message when attempting to take your quiz, this video will help

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If you're receiving a message to "please go back and complete the previous topic" and you can't take a quiz, this video will help show you what's wrong:

In most cases, it's because you haven't completed each Topic within the Lesson prior to taking the quiz. Remember, you must "Mark Complete" each Topic before you'll be able to take the Lesson quiz and move forward. 

Click back to the lesson, and you'll see which Topic hasn't been completed

You can then click through to the Topic, complete it or watch the video, and then click "Mark Complete"

Now, when you've returned to the Lesson page, you'll notice that there is a green checkmark by the Topic to show you've completed it. Since you've completed all of the Topics, you can now move on to take your Quiz.

The error message is now gone and you can take the Quiz:

Good luck!

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