Can I See My Grade Before Finishing the Course?

How to keep track of what your grade could be as you progress through the course

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We currently don't calculate your grade until you're finished with the course. However, there are ways to gauge your progress and see how you're doing as you take the course.

Quiz Scores

50% of your grade will be from Quizzes taken after each Lesson. These are short 7-9 question Quizzes that test what you've learned in the Lesson. After completing a Quiz, you're given your score:

So, in this case, the student scored 6 out 7 and scored an 85%. That's great! These scores will help provide you feedback on how you're doing.

What If I Get a Bad Quiz Score? Does That Mean Ill Fail?

No. Usually there are many Quizzes in a course, and getting a bad score here or there shouldn't indicate you'll fail. Don't become disheartened or worried! Just do your best. Remember that we remove 2 of your lowest Quiz scores prior to calculating your final grade to account for technical issues (Read more about how we handle low Quiz scores or technical problems here) and other factors like Attendance and the Final will also be taken into consideration. See how we calculate your grade here.

Don't be stressed or worried! Have fun learning the material in the Lesson, study to pass the Quiz, and you should be fine. Do your best and enjoy learning :)

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