What Should I Do Before Taking My Final Exam?

Make sure to do the following to prepare for your final exam

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In addition to reviewing the material you've learned throughout the course, you'll also want to familiarize yourself with the process of test proctoring with RPNow. RPNow will monitor you via webcam and desktop software while you take your test, to ensure academic integrity and that there's no cheating.

You should familiarize yourself with the process BEFORE taking your final exam so 

  1. You're not distracted from doing your best on the test, and
  2. To avoid being suspected of cheating.

For example, if you don't properly scan the entire room with your webcam to prove you don't have any restricted items, you could be suspected of cheating.

So, How Do I Familiarize Myself?

Go to https://www.psionline.com/rpnowuniversity

  1. Watch the videos “How to Take an Education Exam” and “Sample Room Scan” (How to take a proper Room/Desk Scan)
  2. Download and review the Step-by-Step Guide here.
  3. We've negotiated the fee on your behalf, and they will only charge you a small fee of $9.

Once you're comfortable with how the process goes, you shouldn't have an issue. When you arrive to take your final exam, just follow the steps on the page to get setup with RPNow and begin your test.

Study hard, and good luck!

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