What Happens If I'm Cheating?

Lucie Wisco

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OnlineDegree.com has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating or plagiarism. In our commitment to academic integrity, any students caught or suspected to have cheated or plagiarized work will:

  1. Immediately receive a failing grade
  2. Be removed from any enrolled courses
  3. Any completed courses will be revoked
  4. You will be kept on record to prevent enrollment in the future.

It is in OnlineDegree.com's sole discretion to determine what is considered cheating or academic dishonesty.

During your Final Exam, it will be proctored by the 3rd-party RPNow to ensure you're not cheating. Even if you score a passing grade, this is contingent upon our review of your test taking to ensure there was no cheating. Per our Terms of Use, we may at anytime revoke your grade and units for suspicion of cheating. In the event you are caught or suspected of cheating, we can notify you anytime after you complete your Final Exam.

That means that you could initially finish your final exam, and successfully receive a passing grade. However, after our team reviews or becomes aware of dishonest conduct, we can always retract your passing score and remove your access from the site.

The best policy is to submit your own work and refrain from cheating!

Avoid Being Suspected of Cheating on Your Final

To avoid being suspected of cheating, you should familiarize yourself with the proctoring process BEFORE taking your final exam so

  1. You're not distracted from doing your best on the test, and
  2. To avoid being suspected of cheating.

So, How Do I Familiarize Myself?

Go to http://www.softwaresecure.com/rpnowuniversity/student/

  1. Watch the videos “How to Take an Education Exam” and “Sample Room Scan” (How to take a proper Room/Desk Scan)
  2. Download and review the Step-by-Step Guide here

For example, one of the steps taken before you begin your test is to have you scan your surroundings. If you don't properly scan the entire room with your webcam to prove you don't have any restricted items, you could be suspected of cheating even though you may not have done anything wrong. So, it's best to go through the above to know how to properly scan your surroundings.

Once you're comfortable with how the process goes, you shouldn't have an issue. When you arrive to take your final exam, just follow the steps on the page to get setup with RPNow and begin your test.

Good luck!

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