What Are NCCRS Credit Recommendations?

Grant Aldrich

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Each course offered by OnlineDegree.com has been formally evaluated by the NCCRS (National College Credit Recommendation Service) and has earned an individual recommendation for college credit. Their evaluation team, usually comprised of college faculty members who teach similar courses to those being reviewed, determines if the learning experiences are at the college level and, if so, they make recommendations about the amount of credit that would be appropriate for a college to award.

For example, our Biology course has earned a recommendation of "3 Semester Units/Hours in Environmental Science, Biology, or General Science for lower division baccalaureate/associate degree" If you were to complete this course, the NCCRS Evaluators deemed this course to be equivalent to a full 3 semester unit course in Environmental Science, Biology or General Science for a lower division course within a Bachelor's or Associate's degree program. This value and recommendation are then used by universities to consider determining awarding credit or waiving a required or prerequisite course.  

Is this college credit automatically earned at the successful completion?

No. NCCRS credit recommendations are recommended credits and only result in actual college credit when a college or university awards credit toward a degree program and posts the credit on a student's record. The NCCRS recommendations are used by the university as guidance. Universities all have different policies and guidelines on accepting transfer credit and are the only authority to grant credit.

Does every university consider these recommendations from the NCCRS?

No, not every university will accept the recommendations. However, there are over 1400 accredited colleges and universities in the United States that do participate with the NCCRS, and includes schools in the California State University system, SUNY, Ohio State, Texas A&M, and many many more...over 1400 in total. We've also organized direct relationships with accredited universities around the country like Ashworth College or Southern New Hampshire University that will accept our courses for college credit. This provides our students with many options around the country, and we're working tirelessly to add more universities all the time.

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