How Do I Reach Customer Support?

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We're here to help. First, try to search for your specific question here on our Help Center. We have tons of helpful articles covering the most common questions, and it's most likely the quickest way to get an answer.

Via Chat

If you have questions not listed here in the help section, you can reach out to our Student Advisors via Chat by logging into, and clicking on the chat window in the bottom right corner 

They'll be able to get back to you within a reasonable amount of time.  

If You're Taking Your Final Exam

If you encounter any issues registering with RPNow to proctor your final, or if you need help on steps required to take the final exam, you can reach them directly for support:

  1. Call 855-436-2039 for 24/7 help and support, or
  2. Click here to chat with them

They can't help you academically, or provide any help with the educational material or answers (of course) but will walk you through any issues taking/registering for the test.

Any issues taking your final should be directed to them.

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