What If I Need to Send Transcripts to Multiple Schools?

Lucie Wisco

Last Update 5 hónapja

No problem! When you complete our Transcript Request form to have your transcript produced by Excelsior College, you can indicate how many copies you need and send the appropriate payment.

For example, let's say you wanted to send your transcripts to 2 schools. You would:

  1. Complete the Transcript Request Form at my.onlinedegree.com on the tab "Transcript" for us to submit your academic record to Excelsior College
  2. Print out the form on the final step to complete and mail it to Excelsior College
  3. If mailing with a check, you would include $80 ($40 fee per transcript x 2)
  4. If paying with a credit card, you would write down $80 in the blank to authorize so they send you 2

You would then receive the 2 transcripts and could send them to your applying schools.

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