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Ok, so you’ve passed some courses and now you’re ready to apply to universities. I’m going to show you how easy it is to request your Official Transcript from You can also watch this quick video tutorial here:

Get Started

When you’re logged in to, just go over to the left navigation bar here and click “Transcript” 

You're at the start of our request form. All you’re going to do is complete the few steps to confirm your information and send over the transcript.  

Read the items before moving forward, and click “Get Started”

Two Available Options (but only one we recommend)

You have 2 available options to get your transcript, but only one option we recommend

We have a partnership with Excelsior college where they will create your Transcript and print it on their official university letterhead. That means when you take this to a university it will be a document from Excelsior College.

Since many universities have policies that insist a transcript comes from another accredited university, having Excelsior create your transcript increases the likelihood of your eventual university accepting it. That’s why were partnered with them. They only charge you a $40 fee and we think that is well worth the money.

Select the Excelsior College Option

Ok, of the two options, go with the recommended Excelsior College route, and click “Get My Transcript”

Verify Your Information

Now, you’ll just need to provide and verify some additional info. Make sure everything is accurate since this is what will appear on the official document

Final Step

Ok, we’re almost done. At this step, You’re going to finalize your transcript request below by reading the information and clicking “Finish” to have work with Excelsior to mail your transcript


In addition to hitting Finish, you must click on the linked form here to download, complete and mail a separate form directly to Excelsior with a check. 

Only when Excelsior gets BOTH (your mailed form with check, and our submission) will they issue your transcript.

Complete the form and mail to:

Excelsior College

Office of the Registrar

7 Columbia Circle

Albany, NY 12203

REMEMBER: They will provide your transcript only when you submit the request from AND they receive your mailed form

That’s it! Congrats! You’ve finished requesting your transcript from…it’s that easy. You should be getting your transcript from Excelsior College within a few weeks.

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